Marketing Link Tool Review- collect and share your links?

Are you looking for a way to market yourself properly? If yes, then you might be looking for a marketing tool that will help you out. Imagine if you can put all of your related links in one place.

Biotree claims that it can help you create your own mini-website that your audience can view with a single click. Today, we will review if their claim is true and if it will help you.

biotree homepage

What does do?

Biotree helps you market yourself better by helping you make a simple page where you can share all of your content by collecting your links and organizing them the way you would like to.

It is a tool that allows you to have a platform for your links to share your thoughts, everything about your business, and yourself to the entire world without needing any technical expertise.

Biotree also helps you keep track of how many times your page has been visited to have an idea about the spread of your pages and the analytics you can easily rely on.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a tool that will:

  • help you to put all of your related links all in one place
  • allow you to add an unlimited number of links
  • let you know how many people are visiting your page
  • give you the chance to create your own URL
  • be easily customizable to suit your own tastes
  • arrange links the way that you want them to

If you are someone who is:

  • looking for a way to market yourself properly
  • wanting to find a place to put all your links in
  • grow your audience in an organic manner
  • trying to collate all of your links to organize them

then Biotree is the right tool that you should use. user interface, usability and features

Every view would give you a chance to endorse yourself better and get more well-known. This is why you need to showcase yourself properly, and that is where building a platform with your links is helpful.

Biotree allows you to create a mini-website of your own so that you can have your audience view every link you want them to with just a single click of a button. This allows you to market yourself better.

To start using Biotree, the first thing that you would need to do is to create an account. You will need the following information to get started:

  • A unique username
  • Your email address
  • Your full name
  • A secure password
biotree signup page

You need not pay for anything when signing up, so you would not have to worry about needing a credit card. You can easily make an account using your email address.

Account settings

You can view your account settings and change them even after signing up for the platform. You can change your username, add in a phone number and change your email accordingly.

biotree account settings

You can also change your image by uploading a new one if you want to. There is also a small description box where you can tell more about yourself so that your audience will have an idea about yourself.


Your dashboard is located on the left side of your screen. It contains the home button, analytics button, social links button, and your account settings button. It displays everything about you.

biotree dashboard

It also displays the number of links you have already added and what type of links they are. The information about yourself will also be displayed on it to change it the way you want to.

Add new link

You can add a new link straight from your homepage, and it is effortless to do. You will need the following details to do so:

  • Title
  • Description
  • URL
biotree add new link

With just three pieces of information, you should add the link that you want to. You can also delete it and make a new one depending on how you want your links to look.

Social links

There is a different section for your social links. This would be for the social media accounts that you have. You can put all of them in one place so that they would be more organized.

biotree social links

You can put in the famous social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. This would also help your audience keep track of where they can see your content.

Page analytics

Once you have put in your links and think that you are all set up, the next thing is to wait. You can also share your Biotree page so that more people can find you and check you out.

biotree analytics

The analytics page has the number of links you have, your page view count, and the number of clicks your links have gotten. It can help you display data from the day you made your Biotree page.

Biotree is a good marketing tool where you can put all of your links in. It helps make it easier for your audience to find you on all the platforms you are on.


As of the moment, Biotree does not offer any paid plans. You can use their services for free, including putting an unlimited number of websites on your page. Pros

  • add unlimited number of links for free
  • the interface is simple and very easy to use
  • allows you to share all of your content with one click
  • create a unique URL to share with your audience
  • easily customizable, including your image
  • drag and drop links to organize them accordingly Cons

  • customization is limited (no choice of font and colors)
  • limited features (adding links, analytics)


biotree logo

My rating: 4.8 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– The tool is beneficial, especially if you want your links to be in one place
– Marketing your site with links is easier with the help of this tool
– Allows connecting your audience to your different site platforms to be manageable
– adding links is easy, without needing technical knowledge

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