Dreeply.com Business Planning Tool Review- create and analyze your company’s cash flow?

Do you want to assess your company’s cash flow properly, or do you want to start a plan? You get to be in control, and you get to make the best out of the things you have now with a tool to help you out.

Dreeply is a business planning tool that will help you create a professional business plan and help you to analyze your business better. Today, we will review the tool and see how it can help you out.

deeply homepage

What does Dreeply.com do?

Dreeply is a business planning tool that allows you to create customized business plans and analyses that will help you to improve your business. It shows you bring your company to the next level.

The tool aims to help startup entrepreneurs, visionaries, students, and investors create the company they have always dreamt of making. This app gives you what you need to start your own company.

Who is it for?

If you are trying to find a tool that will:

  • analyze the current trend of the market
  • help you find out what you need to start your own company
  • get custom-tailored business plans for you
  • be easy to use and quick to navigate in
  • guide you through the entire process
  • checks profitability of your company
  • choose the best plan for you

then Dreeply is the tool you have been looking for.

Dreeply.com user interface, usability and features

Starting your own company and business might be scary but with the right tool to help you and guide you through this journey, it should not be as difficult as you think it is.

Get an overview of your plan, have the right product selection according to the market, and get your finances right. Once you can create a great model, you can get the success you want.

To start your journey on Dreeply, the first thing that you would need to do would be to create your own account by signing up. You would need the following details for that:

  • Your full name
  • Country
  • Your email address
  • A secure password
dreeply signup

Once you have filled this up, you can proceed to creating your account.


Once you have signed up, the next place you will be redirected to is your dashboard. You will have a sidebar where you can navigate from one place to another in your tool.

dreeply dashboard

The dashboard will prompt you to create your startup or manage your plan. It also encourages you to start conquering the world by starting what you have in mind.


In this space, you will be able to see things that will inspire you to work harder and achieve the goals that you have in mind. It is the best place to be when you are feeling a little discouraged.

deeply motivation

However, it was currently down when I visited it, which means the developer must have been working on it. Normally, it would have a dose of motivation, especially for new members.

Create startup

Once you are hyped up and motivated, the next thing you should do is to create the startup that you want. After all, today should be when you start doing what you want to achieve your goal.

dreeply create startup

You will need to put in your startup name, a short description, the field you are in, the country you are from, your email address as well as your phone number. These are all necessary for creating your startup.

Project image

The image of your project is important because it would represent your idea, and you will be able to be more committed when you have one. If you do not see one you like, you can upload your own.

dreeply choose project image

If you do not have an artwork ready, you can always select from the illustrations given on the site and find what best fits you.

Plan checker

If you are quite unsure of what plan you are on at the moment, you can click on the active plan from your left sidebar, and you will be redirected to the page, as seen below.

dreeply plan checker

On this page, you will be able to manage your current plan, change your billing details, and get invoices straight from your billing history.

Project member

If your company has one and just had you made a Dreeply account to navigate through the projects, you can easily join them by becoming a project member.

dreeply project member

To join a project, you need the project code that will be able to help you navigate right to where the project is so you can see what they want you to do.


There are actually two themes that Dreeply comes with. One is where the lights are on which is the Light mode and the other is when the lights are off called the Dark mode.

dreeply theme

A person in the upper right corner turns on and turns off the light according to your choice. I found this a charming feature that amuses me.

Dreeply is a great business planning tool that keeps you well informed of all the things you need to be updated on and helps you grow your company the way you want it to become.


There are a lot of different paid plans that Dreeply has: four of them. You can choose from any of them depending on what you would like to get from it.

The Quick project plan starts at $3 for three days, a Take your time plan starting at $5/ week, the detailed project plan that is $13/month, and the multiple project plan starting at $84/year.

They all have the same features; it would just be a matter of how long you can use the tool.

dreeply pricing

Dreeply.com Pros

  • there are a lot of paid plan options
  • the tool is easy to use for doing projects
  • joining a new project is quickly done with a code
  • has a page solely to help users get motivation

Dreeply.com Cons

  • there is no free plan
  • no customization of fonts and colors


dreeply logo


My rating: 4.7 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– The tool is easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly
– The way projects are done is very organized
– There are a lot of different pricing options
– The tool allows you to choose what type of project you want to make

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