Engagebay.com Marketing Software Tool Review- grow your business larger than ever?

To get your business more well-known, you must learn how to market it properly. You need to put yourself and your products out there so people would hear about you and get interested in what you do.

Engagebay offers to help you organize your contact list so you can build lasting and meaningful customer relationships. Today, we will review how this tool helps with your sales.

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What does Engagebay.com do?

Engagebay helps you simplify your marketing and sales strategy but make it more effective than ever. It gives you an organized view of your interactions with your leads to gain better insight.

The platform also allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers to have higher converts and be able to market yourself better out there.

Who is it for?

If you are trying to find a tool that will:

  • a tool that will help simplify your contact management
  • help you to have better-targeted marketing
  • improves your task management
  • allows you to schedule appointments in one place
  • create campaigns easily for you
  • track every information about your customers

then Engagebay is the tool that you have been looking for.

Engagebay.com user interface, usability and features

Engagebay takes care of your customer relationship management. It gives you a better way to visualize how you will market your business and your products. It helps you to organize and track things.

To get the most of the tool, the first thing that you need to do would be to signup with the following details:

  • Name
  • Username (your email address)
  • Website URL
  • Password
engagebay signup

Company details

After signing up, you would be redirected to a page that acts you about your company. Engagebay asks this to be able to assess and help you out properly.

You will need to answer the following:

  • Number of employees
  • Your industry
  • Your role in the company
  • Your phone number
engagebay company details

After answering the necessary questions, you will then be redirected to the dashboard.


The dashboard will be filled with a lot of different things that will help you to market your business, such as:

  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Templates
  • Campaigns
engagebay dashboard

I found it useful that the dashboard has everything I need to make marketing content. By hovering over each, the drag-down options appear, and I can select what I want to do, which is very convenient.

Inline forms

One option is the forms, and when you choose to make an inline form, you can change the details accordingly. It allows you to edit the texts that would appear to those you will send them to.

engagebay inline forms

Every part of the form can be personalized according to your preference, and I found this amazing.

Landing page

The landing page or homepage of your site is important for your business. It needs to leave an impact on the visitors so they would be interested in navigating through it.

Engagebay allows you to select a template for your landing page and personalize it for your own use. You can edit the texts, the colors, and even the background photo.

engagebay landing page

The editing choices are quite extensive, with choices on the border width, style, color, and more. I found it to be easy to use, and it made everything more organized as well.


The template section allows you to choose from different templates for both emails and videos. You can also choose to create your own if you have an idea in mind already.

engagebay email template

Template editing

If you found a template that you like, you can select it and head straight to editing. Editing it would allow you to edit its borders, padding and even the images included in it.

engagebay edit template

Email broadcast

There are different types of campaigns, and one of them would be email broadcasting. There is a specific template for it, and you will only need to fill up the required details such as:

  • Broadcast name
  • Subject Line
  • Your name/company name
  • Recipients
  • Content
engagebay email broadcast

Filling up the things needed for the broadcast was very easy as everything was already stated.

SMS broadcast

There is also an option for an SMS broadcast. Many businesses still do this, and it has been known to help get closer to customers.

engagebay SMS broadcast

You will be required to put a name for your broadcast, your service provider, your name, and your message. Once you have selected the contacts you would want to send it; you will be done.


Besides the marketing section, you will also have a sales section to manage your deals easily. You can create new deals according to your needs and how long you want them to run.

engagebay sales track

I like how easy it is to create a deal and sort them out by their ID. Even the amount of the deal is listed, and I found this very useful.

Tasks list

There is also a place where you can add tasks and then sort them out into:

  • Not Started
  • In Progress
  • Waiting
  • Completed
  • Deferred
engagebay tasks

Engagebay is a tool that allows you to take your business one step farther by letting you have one place where you can organize everything related to your marketing and your sales.


Engagebay offers you a free account with limited features such as a 1,000 contacts capacity. To get more features unlocked, you would need to avail one of their paid plans.

Paid plans start at $14.99 per month, billed annually, and it gives more contacts, an increase in branded emails, web pop-ups, lead scoring and even 3rd party integrations.

engagebay pricing

Engagebay.com Pros

  • has email and SMS broadcast for marketing purposes
  • organizes deals and promos according to user preference
  • helps make amazing landing pages for your site
  • has a lot of different templates that are easy to edit
  • easy allocation of integral business plans and tasks
  • the dashboard is very convenient to use

Engagebay.com Cons

  • no phone application
  • does not allow input of header and footers


engagebay logo


My rating: 4.8 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– The tool helps marketing to be easier through broadcasting
– Everything is organized, so it is easier to figure out the task at hand
– The free version already has a lot of great features
– There are a lot of templates to choose from, and it is easy to edit them

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