Employee Scheduling Software Review- get your employees onboard?

Do you have many employees in your company, and you get overwhelmed trying to schedule things up for them? Do you feel like they can do these kinds of things by themselves instead?

With Gunitime, you will be getting an employee scheduling software that will help get your employees onboard and automate things for you. Today, we will review more about how it works.

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What does do?

Gunitime is Australia’s number one app when it comes to making business owners’ lives easier. It helps in automating the timesheets, shifts, reimbursement, and more of every employee.

Logging and monitoring the navigation of any part of the business has been made easy by this software. It is truly an advancement to the normal things that most employees were used to.

Who is it for?

If you are searching for a software that will:

  • help to keep track of employee attendance easily
  • monitor the activities that your employees do
  • make reimbursement tracking much easier
  • have an automated receipt checking
  • do instant error elimination on management system
  • have an online wages breakdown to keep things on track

then Gunitime is exactly what you have been looking for. user interface, usability and features

Focus on what matters the most in your business by freeing more of your time. To do this, having simple things like an employee tracker would be a big help for you.

Gunitime is software that will help you eliminate all the repetitive tasks on your template, give you powerful automation, and help you have instant reports about your business to take more control.

To start using Gunitime, the first thing that you will need to do would be to signup for your workspace. You can easily do this by picking a name for it and filling that up.

gunitime signup

Signup details

Once you have selected a name for your workspace, the next thing to do is to fill up the signup details, which will need:

  • your email address (preferably your work email)
  • your name
  • a secure password
gunitime signup details

Once you have filled this up, you can press continue to move to the next part of your signup. These details are the most important ones, so make sure to double-check your entries.

Company name

After filling up your signup details, the next thing that you would need to input would be your company’s name. You can also opt to put in your team’s name if you want to be more specific.

gunitime company name


A logo would symbolize your company or your team, and most would have this. It would be great to upload your logo so that your teammates or employees will easily recognize it.

gunitime company logo

However, if you do not desire to do so, then you can skip this step and move to the next thing that you have to do.


Your dashboard can be found on the left side of your software. It has a lot of different features and categories to use and they are:

  • team activity
  • timesheet
  • login history
  • shift roster
  • reimbursement
  • team members
  • documents
  • job types
  • vehicles
  • admins
gunitime dashboard

Every button on the dashboard is important, so you will need to take note of them and see how they work to familiarize yourself with them easily.

Timesheet report

On your timesheet report, you can fill up the forecast and limits on the time spent working by your employees. You can set the weekly limit, the weekly forecast as well as a payroll period.

gunitime timesheet report

You can tick the email report box if you want to have this report sent to you via email. This will help you to keep track of what is happening versus your goals easily.

Team activity

Going here would show you all the current activities for your company or your team. It would give you the date, the user who would be participating in this activity, the type of job, and the duration.

gunitime team activity

The timezone is set to Perth, Australia automatically, so you might want to adjust it accordingly to yours.

Team members

You will need a list of all your active members to keep track of who is doing what easily. There is an easy roster to do this in the software, although you need to add them manually.

gunitime team members

You can easily input their daily limit, hourly rate, name, email address, and even their status. This will help you out to easily keep track of how much their wage would be.


The timesheet allows you to view what every employee has written. They can do this on their own so that you can easily monitor if they have been writing things right.

gunitime member timesheet

They would need to input their clock-in, clock-out, any particular comment, and then the rest will be calculated by the software, including their total wage.

Login History

In this part, you will easily be able to see a summary of every employee’s login history at work so you can easily monitor them hte way that you would want to without them knowing.

gunitime login history

Shift roster

If you would want to assign specific tasks to your employees, and you would want them to see it, then a shift roster would be very helpful to you.

gunitime shift roster

Gunitime is a simple employee rostering software that helps you figure out things better for your business management. It helps you to shift plans and create a timesheet for your staff.


Gunitime is free to use for 3 staff companies, and in case you need to upgrade, you will have to contact them to talk about the payment plans. Pros

  • no credit card required to start using the software
  • helps make reimbursement funds complete with ease
  • creating shifts is made easy through monthly planning
  • employees’ timesheets are now easier to track
  • onboarding by employees are now made automated
  • dashboard is complete and convenient to use Cons

  • there is no fixed paid plan
  • timezone is fixed in Australia


gunitime logo

My rating: 4.6 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– The tool is available for use in PC, Android, and Apple systems
– It allows wages to be done with ease through a customizable evaluation tool
– The software lessens the time needed to prepare timesheets for employees
– It helps to track employee attendance easier along with work assessment

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