HyperDone.com Productivity Tool Review – Is it worth it?

Today we are going to review the new productivity and collaboration tools that we found. HyperDone claims that it will improve your productivity by 5x. That is a very bold claim, so we took some time to test it to see what this platform can do for you.

HyperDone Landing Page

What hyperdone.com do?

HyperDone is a productivity platform that aims to help people be more productive, improve work-life balance, improve planning, achieve more and beat procrastination.

At the same time, HyperDone offers functionalities for real-time collaboration and project planning. By using Kanban boards in somewhat new and original ways, they claim that they will help you stop procrastinating and improve your productivity.

For who is it for?

So if you need a tool to help you:

  • improve productivity
  • stop procrastinating
  • improve work-life balance
  • team collaboration
  • project planning
  • work and life planning
  • time tracking
  • achieve more
  • measuring your success on a daily/weekly basis

then HyperDone is exactly for you.

HyperDone.com user interface, usability and features

When you log in, you get some example Kanban board already created. The user interface is quite nice and simple. Fonts are great and professional and colors too. The application’s usability is excellent, and it is one of the strongest points of HyperDone.

HyperDone supports two major types of boards:

  • Regular boards (normal Kanban board)
  • Calendar boards (board where columns represent days of the week)
HyperDone Calendar Board

Inside all boards, you can create new tasks, assign tasks to other team members, add estimated and spent time for each task.

Also, an interesting option that I found Trello does not have is the ability to mark the task as done. This way, we run nice reporting at the end of the week. We can optionally categorize tasks in different categories using tags.

Today View

If we want to focus on Today tasks only we can open “Today view” either by clicking a special button or by opening the “Today view link”.

HyperDone Today View

Inside “Today view” we only see tasks we need to finish today.

Automation Triggers

Another interesting feature I have found inside HyperDone are Automation triggers. Using this functionality, you can easily create recurring tasks or automate certain actions inside the application.

I found creation and managing Automation triggers quite simple but effective.

HyperDone automation triggers

You can choose when to execute certain action: every day, every week, every month or every year at a specific time.


At the end of the week, you can run simple reports to see how effective you have been. I found that a beneficial report is the “Tag balance report”.

Using this report you can track your work-life balance categorized by tags.

HyperDone reporting Work life balance

You can see how much time you spent each day for a certain category. Also, at the end of the report, you have the sum of each category for that week or month.

HyperDone reporting 2

This way you can easily determine areas of life you need to focus more each week.

Time tracking

HyperDone also has integrated time tracking using stopwatch or pomodoro timer.

HyperDone pomodoro timer

When you run the Pomodoro timer, after the timer elapses TimeSpend field on the task itself is updated with a number of minutes.

Task details

On the task itself you will find number of interesting fields.

HyperDone task detail

You have the ability to add a description using Markdown syntax. HyperDone stores attachment on Amazon S3 storage. There is a file limit of 250Mb per uploaded file.

You also have the option to add subtasks to each task. You can mark each subtask as done, re-order them or delete it when you don’t need it anymore.

HyperDone also has a rich notifications system. If someone mentions you, you will get a notification in the app itself and on your email.

HyperDone notifications

Collaboration features

You can also use comments to collaborate on any task. If you want, you can mention someone in a comment using @ sign.

If you edit some task on some board, other users working on some board will receive that change immediately in real-time.

Let’s be fair and say that HyperDone has very nice collaboration features that make your work with team members much easier.


HyperDone offers monthly and yearly subscriptions. This means you pay a fee every month or every year. The packages start from $3 per month for individuals, $9 per month for a team of 5, $15 per month for 15 people.

They prices are very affordable if we compare it to similar tools on the market such as Trello, Asana or ClickUp.

HyperDone Pricing

HyperDone.com Pros

  • Unique Calendar board functionality I never saw in other similar tools
  • Today view helps you focus on daily tasks
  • Automation and recurring tasks using automation triggers
  • Rich and powerful reporting
  • Integrated Pomodoro and Stopwatch timer
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Great support
  • Affordably priced starting at only $3/month

HyperDone.com Cons

  • The Mobile version does not have all functionalities of the desktop app
  • The mobile app currently does not have push notifications (in the roadmap)




My rating: 4.6 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– A really unique tool on the market that helps you be more productive and really can make a difference in day-to-day planning and work.
– Great for online collaboration and project planning with nice reporting.
– Straightforward but powerful user interface.

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