Signature Affixing App Review- apply your signature to digital documents easily?

Many digital documents might require your signature, and this can be a hassle to have to print them, sign them and then scan them. However, you can actually do these all digitally.

Stamper is an app that claims to get your signature on pen and paper and stamp it right onto your digital document. Today, we will review to see how it actually does that.

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What does do?

Stamper offers you the easiest and fastest way to sign and stamp your documents. You can now apply your real signature to all of your digital documents without much hassle.

All you would ever really need to do is take a photo of your signature from your paper and then use the mobile app to save it and link it to your computer.

Who is it for?

If you are trying to find an app that will:

  • let you take a photo of your signature from your paper
  • converts your normal signature on paper to a digital signature
  • allow you to put your sign on digital documents
  • help you easily add in as many signatures as you want to your desktop app
  • save you the cost of having to print and scan signed documents

then Stamper is the tool that you have been looking for. user interface, usability and features

There is no need to sign using your mouse and have jiggly lines on your signature anymore. With Stamper, you will be able to get your real sign right into your document without hassles.

It is a tool that will allow you to make the most out of your signature and use it digitally with a straightforward process. It is effortless to use and has great features.

Before using Stamper, you will first need to download the apps on both a mobile device and a computer. This will help you to move your signature from one device to the other easily.

There are options for you to choose iOS or Android for the mobile app and MacOS or Windows for your Desktop app.

stamper download

It is important to know that you need both as your mobile app will take the photo and convert it into a series of codes that you can use for your desktop app to stamp your document.


Once you have downloaded the app on your desktop, you need to install it yourself through the Stamper Setup Wizard. Worry not; you need to press next and then wait for it.

stamper setup

The mobile app is the same, so you need to go to Play Store or App Store and find the app to install it. Once you are done, you are ready to take a photo of your signature.


The dashboard of the desktop app is pretty simple; all you would need is to choose whether you want to stamp a file or add a stamp. If you want to stamp a file, you would need to open one from your computer.

stamper dashboard

It would be good if you already know the location of your file so that you can find it easier when you want to open it for stamping.

Add stamp

You would need to take a photo of the signature you have signed on a piece of paper. Once you are done, your mobile app would give you a specific code that you can use for your desktop app.

stamper add stamp

As seen above, it is a simple 6-digit code that you can use so that your mobile app photo will automatically get uploaded to your desktop app.

Stamp choices

Once you have uploaded your stamps with the help of the mobile app, you can now start editing a document. The stamps that you have uploaded will appear on the upper dashboard.

stamper stamp choices

There is also a date stamp included on the list of choices in case you need to stamp the date. This should be useful especially when you are writing a letter.

Stamp date

You can easily stamp on the date according to where you want it to be. This is a simple thing that you can do by hovering your mouse where you want the date to be placed.

stamper stamp date

Once you have found the right place to put your date on, you can click on it, and your date will automatically be stamped where you have placed it.

Stamper signature

You can also easily affix your signature by changing the choice to the name of your signature, the one you have uploaded earlier, and then finding the place you want to affix it to.

stamper stamp signature

This is very easy, and as you can see, the signature that you have written on your paper is the same one that will appear on your document. This is certainly an easy way for you to affix your signature digitally.

Change size

You are in control of how big you want your signature or affixation to be. You need to slide the size bar accordingly and watch your date size or signature size become smaller or larger.

Depending on the font size of your document, it would be wise to adjust the size of your signature or your date so that it would look natural in it.

stamper change size

Stamper is a great app that you can use to affix your real signature into any digital document out there. It makes things easier for you so that you would not have to go through printing and scanning.


Stamper has three plans: the Basic Plan, the Premium Plan, and the Enterprise Plan. The basic plan is free to use, the Premium plan starts at $9/month, and the Enterprise plan requires manual quotation.

The basic plan comes with only one signature and one page stamped on, while both the premium and enterprise plans come with an unlimited number.

The only difference between the premium plan and the enterprise plan is that the enterprise plan comes with insurance and a company-wide license.

stamper pricing Pros

  • easy affixing of signature to digital documents
  • stampers can easily be changed in size
  • opening pdf for signature is now easier
  • put your real signature on your document Cons

  • no enhancement option for mobile app
  • no stamp color option


stamper logo

My rating: 4.8 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– The tool is very powerful when it comes to affixing signatures
– Allows easy changing of stamps through the drop-down button
– Puts your signature from paper to your document
– The tool is user-friendly and easy to use

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