Tack.one Time Tracking Tool Review- make every second count?

Managing your team and assigning specific tasks so that the project will be a success can be challenging, especially when you are racing against the clock. This is why you need a tool to help you out.

Tack is very proud of its ability to help you make time tracking effortless and efficient, giving you a better handle on time management for your team. Today, we will review how it can help you out.

tack.one homepage

What does Tack.one do?

Tack is a time tracking tool designed to help you track your team’s progress on a specific project even when you are on the go. It helps you to keep things organized and well planned.

It also allows you to share your progress report with your client so that they will be in the loop about your updates and give their feedback to keep the process smooth.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a tool that will:

  • help you to get a better insight into your project
  • track your working hours throughout the day
  • give you a summary of your data within a week
  • allows you to share your records with your client
  • be as compact as possible so you can use it on the go
  • gives you a visual time breakdown

then Tack is exactly what you have been looking for.

Tack.one user interface, usability and features

Efficiency is significant, especially when it comes to working on a project with your team. This is why you need to make sure that you are going to have good insights into everything.

From revenue, the performance of your team, budgeting, costing, and more, being in control of every detail is exactly how you will get the job done. This also helps you to have a smoother workflow.

Tack helps you to do everything better and faster. It helps you have better team management skills. To start using it, the first thing you would need is to create an account using your email address.

tack.one signup page

Email confirmation

Before you get to log in and start using Tack’s features, you will first need to confirm your email. You will be sent an email, and you need to click the link that is given there.

tack.one email confirmed

After confirmation, you will need to create a password that you think will be as secure as possible. This will be the basic thing that you would need to start an account.

About yourself

Step 1 in creating your account is to tell Tack a little bit about yourself. You will be asked about the following details:

  • your full name
  • your role in the project/company
tack.one step 1

With this, Tack can help you figure out how to do things properly to manage your project better.

Company details

Step 2 concerns you talking a little more about your company. You will need to put in your company name and the size of your team. This gives the app an idea about how big your company is.

tack.one step 2

By knowing your company size, the app will give you a better plan suggestion later on. It also helps them to know how to assist you properly.

Adding members

The last step in setting up your account would be adding members of your organization to Tack. You will be required to put in their email addresses, so be sure to have them.

tack.one step 3

In the case that you just want to browse though the entire thing before adding more members, you can opt to skip this part.


Once you are done with all the preparation steps, you will be redirected to the dashboard. It contains all that you will need to manage your projects a whole lot better from now on.

tack.one dashboard

I found that the dashboard was straightforward to navigate in, and everything was just a click away. You can also start tracking your time as soon as you hit that green button, as shown above.

Create new project

You can easily create a new project to work on by pressing the “+” button on the dashboard. You will be required the following details to make one:

  • Name of the project
  • Name of your client
  • Project template
  • Billable
  • Privacy settings
tack.one add project

Adding as many projects as you want is easy, and once you have put in the required details, it would appear on your dashboard.

Manage projects

When you have finished adding your projects, you can then manage them and sort them accordingly on the Manage button on your dashboard.

tack.one manage projects

You can sort projects by the active ones, the finished ones, and more. This helps you to be able to track things out easily so you can handle them better.


There is an insight page where you can easily see how much progress you have made with your client. You can choose a client, see how much income comes from that client and your expenses.

tack.one insights

It shows tracking per week, and you can easily navigate from one project to the other or opt to see all your projects at once so you can compare them with each other.


Besides getting insights, you can also press the report button where you are going to get a clear update on the number of hours you have spent on a specific project, team or client.

tack.one reports

Tack is a tool that helps you and your team move about to track the progress of everything you are working on easily. It gives you valuable insights to make more effective decisions.


Besides the free plan, you get to choose between 3 paid plans. The standard plan starts at $7.99 per month, the premium plan starting at $2.99 per month/user, and the enterprise plan.

The standard plan allows you to edit reports and integrate the tool with other apps. Meanwhile, the premium plan gives you more features. The enterprise plan has more customizable features and pricing.

tack.one pricing

Tack.one Pros

  • real-time calculation of revenue, budget, and profit
  • actively tracks working hours within the day
  • gives a weekly summary to analyze results properly
  • has a compact timesheet that allows easier tracking of progress
  • makes sharing reports with other users easier
  • export of report to PDF, CSV, and XLS file is easy

Tack.one Cons

  • not many options to customize the dashboard look (e.g. color, font)
  • there is no app integration option for free plan


tack.one logo


My rating: 4.8 out of 5
Why I recommend it
It is effortless to navigate through the site, and the dashboard is concise
– The tool allows sharing of report with other users and your client for better feedback
– There are a lot of ways to track your projects, such as by billables or by hours
– Makes managing projects easier by monitoring them better through the project list

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