Taia.io AI Translation Tool Review- translate things like magic?

Are there specific documents that you need to have translated but you know nothing about the language? Is your company needing some posts to be in a specific language?

Taia is an AI tool that does you the favor of translating things for you like magic. You will get your product exactly when you need it. Today, we will review how it works.

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What does Taia.io do?

Taia is a translating tool that delivers amazing translations made by their AI technology and experienced translators. It allows them to give you only the best results.

The tool offers you a lot of different choices so that you will be able to select which you think would be the most appropriate for you to use.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a tool that will:

  • help you translate your documents
  • allow you to do batch uploading of documents
  • let you choose what type of translating service you want
  • deliver the output you need within the given timeframe
  • have about 97 choices of language to pick from
  • be easy and convenient to use
  • help you to achieve only the best translations

then Taia is the right tool for you.

Taia.io user interface, usability and features

Sometimes, the most important documents you are using or need for your work are in another language. You would want to see what it can offer to you, but you do not understand a single word that it says.

Worry no more because, with Taia, you would be able to get past this block on your road. Instead of being stuck at this, you can avail of the services offered by Taia and have the translation within hours.

To get what you need to be translated, the first thing that you need to do is sign up for an account. You would need the following for that:

  • Your full name
  • your email address
  • a secure password
taia signup

Once you have properly filled up all the required details, you need to press the box saying you agree with all of the app’s Terms Of Use before pressing the signup button.

Account Type

After that, you would then need to select the type of account you want to use. You can choose to have it for individual use, a company account, or you can become a service provider.

taia select account type

Being a service provider means that you actually know a language that can help out with translating and offering your services to them.


Once you have properly selected what type of account you want, you would then be redirected to your dashboard. You will have a left sidebar that contains your active list of projects and new project creation.

taia dashboard

The left sidebar contains all that you will need to navigate through the tool, so you ought to explore it out. You can opt to collapse it if you feel like it is too big for your tastes.

Create new project

Creating a new project is very easy; you just need to go to the New Project on your sidebar. You will then be shown a prompt where you can pick to upload a file that you can get from your device.

taia create new project

The tool supports about 64 file formats, so you are sure to find that your file is compatible with it.

Text format

If you do not have any file format document that you can upload, you can also opt to type the text on the box below. You just need to press the text button and then input what you want translated.

taia text translate

You can also opt to copy something from a site and then paste it on the text box.

Project type

Once you have uploaded your file or typed your text, the next thing is to select the type of project you want to do with it. You can opt to have it translated or you can have it proofread.

taia project type

You would also need to input what language your source file is and what your target language is so that it would be easier for you to get what you need.


You would also need to select a category in which your project applies. If you do not see any of the choices that apply, picking general would be the most appropriate.

taia project category

Most likely, categories are asked because specific people specialize in them and would have an easier time translating the project that you have.

Service Type

You would also need to select the type of service that you are looking for. Depending on your target language and more, you can select what you are looking for. You get choices such as economic and professional.

taia select service type

Depending on what you need, you can have a machine translate for you or you can have a professional do the job for you and even add proofreading as well.

Project list

After you have finalized things out with your project and what service you are looking for, the next step to do is to check out its status on your project list.

Your project list will have all of your projects in it containing your drafts, your finished projects, and a whole lot more.

taia project list

Taia is a great AI translating tool that allows you to move from one language to another and understand things better to use them to improve your work.


Pricing would vary from one project to the other depending on the number of words that you have, the delivery time you want and what type of translation you need.

taia order summary

Taia.io Pros

  • there are different types of services offered in the tool
  • you can have things delivered as soon as possible
  • price is dependent on the number of words and services
  • the interface is easy to navigate in
  • has a list of projects to get updates

Taia.io Cons

  • price varies depending on the factors
  • no rush orders


taia logo


My rating: 4.6 out of 5
Why I recommend it
– The tool allows its users to translate documents accordingly
– The interface is intuitive and is user friendly
– Pricing is dependent on how you want your translation to be
– The tool is straightforward to use, even for beginners

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